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Access for people with disabilities. The museum is open every day.

Treasure - room

The Treasure Room of the Archeological Museum - “Veliki Preslav” was designed as far back as the construction work of the new building for the museum was started in 1980. However, the issue of equipping the Treasure Room with contemporary security system and technical means was put forward no sooner than the museum was set up as an independent establishment to Veliki Preslav municipality.


This crucial step was the major precondition for returning to Preslav all our exhibits that had been placed at the disposal of national museums for decades.


In 1998, the Treasure Room was modernized. The exhibits are kept under a constantly controlled humidity of the air. This is the way we preserve precious items like: the Preslavian Golden Treasure, finds from The Palace and a collection of lead seals which are extremely susceptible to atmospheric conditions.


The precious finds are exhibited in beautifully decorated wood-carved glass cases, which were given as a present by Boris III for the unified exhibition of the museum in 30s during the last century.


Experts are particularly satisfied today because now they are able to show in their natural environment the most significant monuments of The Golden Age of Bulgarian history, to provide dependable preservation, as well as to organize participation in international exhibitions.