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Access for people with disabilities. The museum is open every day.


   Surviving for many centuries, Veliki Preslav will tell you not only about past greatness, but will also offer interesting aspects of his modern life. Here are some of them:


   Home-folklore houses:

   Preslav has a rural, peaceful lifestyle that is attractive in his own unique way. This is evident in the Ethnographic “Kartol’s house” of V. Preslav, the ethnographic house in the village of Dragoevo and the quiet rural life of the nearby village of Osmar. If you decide to come to the city in a group, you can request a visit to the Ethnographic House to attend the re-creation of the Preslav customs of the folklore group and to taste local dishes and wines.

   There are three churches in the town that you would like to be interested in as a tourist - "St. Peter and Paul", which dates from the 18th century, the church "St. Archangel Michael "in the center of the town and" St. Cyril and Methodius "- in the century old pine forest in the Archaeological reserve. They give an interesting idea of church architecture and art, developed over many years.

   Kamchia River: Kamchia River is the main river in eastern Bulgaria. The area around the river, from the Ticha dam to the two bridges near the archaeological reserve, is particularly attractive for tourists - campsites, fishing and mountain climbers.


Hotels / accommodations:


Hotel-Restaurant "Omurtagov Most". Located in NIAR, at 150 meters from the Round Church, it has a convenient parking lot. The complex has 45 accommodation places.

Tel: +359 894 668 266; +359 538 42 112;


The  Family Hotel "Preslav" is located in the center of Veliki Preslav on 8 "Aheloy" Street. The 3-star hotel features a garden, terrace, bar and air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom. Free private parking is possible on site. Guest rooms have a flat-screen TV. Facilities include a hot tub. The hotel has 20 accommodations.

Contacts: +359 897 066 371

Tourist bedroom in the town of Veliki Preslav - occupies the first floor of a house for children deprived of parental care, located in the yard of Primary School "St. St. Cyril and Methodius". There is a separate entrance to the bedroom from “Nikolay Petrini” Str. Capacity- 41 seats.

Tel: +359 896 715 256


Hotel-restaurant "Rusalka" - is located near the dam "Ticha", at 15 km from the town of V. Preslav on the road to the town of Varbitsa. The area where the complex is located is unique with its nature, fresh air and lake views. Guests and visitors of the hotel have the opportunity for mountain tourism, hunting and fishing.

Tel: +359 538 421 04; +359 890 572 711; +359 894 526 644 


Guest houses:


Guest House "Bolyarski stan" - town of V. Preslav; 16, “Panayot Volov” Str. - is situated in a wide and green yard. It has 15 accommodation places. There are conditions for self-cooking, dining, barbecue and oven. In the yard there is a small swimming pool for relaxation and sport.

Tel: +359 888 851 695, +359 892 651 999



"Kostadone" Guest House - Veliki Preslav, 17 "Zlaten vek" Str

Tel: 00359888244360


Guest House and Bungalow at "Mutafov House" - Kirkovo, 2 “Konstantin Preslavski” Str., 16 accommodation places

Tel: 00359895744810;


“Marinov’s house” – Veliki Preslav; 14, “Paisii” Str., 12 accommodation places

Tel: 00359889933051


Guest House "Lilia" - Veliki Preslav, 1, "Lozarska" Str.

Tel: 00359899143425


Guest House "Kyurkchievi" - Veliki Preslav town, "Omurtagov most" area

tel.: 00359897012363


"Radkovata kashta" Guest House  - Imrenchevo village, 3, Kiril Kanev Str.

tel .: 00359894526163


“Villa Rila” Guest House – Imrenchevo village, 4 “Rila” Str.

Tel: 0035953842191


"Osmar Houses" - Osmar village; 8 “Pirogov” Str., 20 accommodation places

Tel: 00359885297155 / 00359898460216;


Guest House "Versailles" - Osmar village; 48, “Vasil Kolarov“ Str., 16 accommodation places

Tel: 00359888577503;


“Lovetz” Rest House - in "Lovtjishka Cheshma" area

Tel: 00359878660099


"Zelen rai" Guest House - Dragoevo village, 22 "Rafail Penev" Str

 Tel: 00359887494435


Guest House “Simona” – at 15 km. from the town of V. Preslav, to “Ticha” dam, 8 accommodation places

Tel: 00359894525355;


Restaurants in Preslav:


“Panorama” Restaurant - The Archaeological Reserve

Tel: 00359897012363

 "Castle" Restaurant - V. Preslav, to the market, 82, “Al. Stamboliyski”

Tel: 00359892730330

 “Oasis” Restaurant - V. Preslav, on the riverside boulevard, 2, “Kiril and Metodius” Str.

Tel: 00359894642151


There are several small cafes in Veliki Preslav. Although they are not an integral part of the tourist product, they offer extra entertainment and are a good place to relax for the tourists.


   Nearby places to visit:


The Patleyna locality is 3 km south of the old town. It contains the remains of the monastery "St. Panteleymon" - 9th-10th century, furnaces for production of Preslav ceramics, nature reserve with wild carob and yellow tulip.

Rock monasteries over the Osmar and Troitza villages, located 15 km from Veliki Preslav, provide an excellent opportunity for mountain passage and rock climbing, combined with visits to monastic cells and churches carved in the rock and inhabited in 12th-14th century.

Shumen town / 20 km / - historical place with rich museum, medieval fortress, original architectural monuments from the period of the Bulgarian National Revival. Here you can visit the modern monument "Creators of the Bulgarian State".

The Madara Plateau (33 km) - an ancient cult and religious center with a magnetic impact and rich natural features of bizarre rock formations and a variety of tree and plant species. In this place, in the upright rock, the Old Bulgarian master carved on the rulers command a remarkable relief, depicting a triumphant horseman - a symbol of the power of the Bulgarian Supreme Leader and his army.

Pliska (40 km) - The first capital city of Danube Bulgaria, in whose archaeological reserve some of the most spectacular monuments of Old Bulgarian architecture have been explored and exhibited.

"Ticha" Dam, 14 km south of Veliki Preslav - a place for recreation and fishing.