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Access for people with disabilities. The museum is open every day.


In the over 100-year history of the Preslav Archaeological Museum several expositions are arranged. Over the years, experience and more efficient finds have been accumulated, and the growing need for a larger exposure area has led to a threefold shift of the museum into new sufferings.


With its change in 1957, the exhibition of "V.Preslav" AM becomes specialized, showing monuments only from the medieval period in the development of the town and its surroundings. Todays spatial and thematic layout of the museum has been in existence since 1993, and in the meantime a special treasury hall was set up in 1998 to store the most valuable exhibits under appropriate atmospheric conditions and increased safety.




     1. Treasure room; 2. Painted ceramics; 3. Writing; 4. Stone sculpture; 5. Seals;

6. Everyday life; 7. "Jordan Gospodinov" hall; 8. Videoroom; 9. Models