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Access for people with disabilities. The museum is open every day.


❗️   From April 1st 2024 Archaeological Museum "Veliki Preslav" and the information centers in NHAR "Veliki Preslav"
start working with summer working hours.

 Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 18:00
 Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00

❗️ Ethnographic "Kartalova" House in Veliki Preslav will work by prior request!

For requests and information, phone 00359538/43243








Do not miss the chance here to get to know your past, feel the thrill and pride that we have also given much to the world.

 Do not miss a magnificent "golden" culture and together with us you will feel royal..

 We work for you. Welcome to meet you.


Archaelogical Museum "Veliki Preslav"

Preslavian golden tresure
Preslavian golden treasure - AM Veliki Preslav
The golden treasure is a brilliant illustration of life in Preslavian castles. It was discovered in 1978 in Castana, an area nearby the ancient town, during agricultural work. More than 170 golden, silver and bronze objects, decorated with cellular enamel, precious stones and pearls were found in ...
Findings grom the palace
Findings grom the palace - AM Veliki Preslav
The findings in the museum were discovered during regular archeological excavations in the Palace center in Preslav. They are set together in a group, which is incorporated according to location, precise workmanship as well as expensive materials and techniques used.   The jewelry from the ...
Seals - AM Veliki Preslav
  TYPES OF SEALS   From Antiquity to the present, seals have been used to certify correspondences and validate important documents. In the Middle Ages they were made of different kinds of material which gave them special names: “Hrisovuls” – seals made of gold; ...
Tour guide
Tour guide - AM Veliki Preslav
   The second capital of Bulgaria in the IX-th century, Preslav is blessed with an unique and extremely strong tourist resource - the Archaeological Reserve of the Ancient Capital and the modern museum. They can be used and enjoyed by the professional archaeologist and the ...